Template for ALT’24 Abstract

(16 Point, Centred and Bold, Times New Roman)

A. Author1, B. Author2, C. Author3

(List of authors in 11 point, centred and bold: the presenting author underlined)

1- The author affiliation and full address should be located here in 10 point, centred and in italics

2- Address of author2 if different

3- Address of author3 if different

Main author email address: in 10 point, centred and in italics

The abstract must be written in English. The abstract will be distributed in an electronic file on an USB mass store. There will be no formatting done to the abstract prior to publication. Therefore, it is very important to ensure that your abstract follows the style guide presented in this template in order to provide an uniform and consistent appearance. Abstract should not exceed one page in length. The dimension of the paper is A4 size paper: 210 mm x 297 mm. Margins should be 2.5 cm on all sides, and the text should be written in 11 point Times New Roman (and Symbol, if necessary).
A couple of Figures/Tables may be included in the abstract. Figures and tables should be centered and may be placed side by side if more than one. They should be located inside the abtract margins. Text should not wrap around figures or tables; table captions (8-point font) should be centered above tables, and figure captions (8-point font) should be centered below figures (for example, “Fig. 1. Laser”). Both should appear as close as possible to where they are mentioned in the main text.

References should appear at the end of the paper in the order in which they are referenced in the body of the abstract. The font should be 8 point, and the references should be aligned left.

Within the main text, references should be designated by a number in brackets [1], and they should be followed by a comma or period [2]. Two references cited at once should be included together [3,4], separated by a comma, while three or more consecutive references should be indicated by the bounding numbers and a dash [1–4].
The quality of figures should be enough for printing. It would be emphasized again that the fonts used in the PDF file should be only Times New Roman, Arial, and Symbol in both text and figures.

[1] A. Author and B. Author, Title of paper, Journal Name, vol., pp. startpage-endpage, (year).
[2] A. Author, B. Author, C. Author, Title of paper, Journal Name, vol., pp. start-end, (year).
[3] A. Author, Title of book (Publisher), Chapter, (year).