We accept payment in RMB from all banks in mainland China (5-6 characters in SWIFT is "CN"), except for 53 banks - the list is below:

  1. HSBC Bank (China) Company Limited SWIFT: HSBCCNSH;
  2. Ping An Bank Company Limited SWIFT: SZDBCNBS;
  3. China Everbright Bank SWIFT: EVERCNBJ;
  4. Bank of Ningbo SWIFT: BKNBCN2N;
  5. China Guangfa Bank Co., LTD (formerly known as Guangdong Development Bank) SWIFT: GDBKCN22;
  6. DBS Bank (China) Limited SWIFT: DBSSCNSH;
  7. Citibank (China) Co., LTD. SWIFT: CITICNSX;
  8. Great Wall West China Bank Co., LTD. SWIFT: DECCCNBD;
  9. JPMorgan Chase Bank (China) Company Limited, Shanghai Branch SWIFT: CHASCNSH;
  10. Kunshan Rural Commercial Bank SWIFT: KSRBCNBK;
  11. OCBC Wing Hang Bank (China) Limited (formerly OCBC Bank (China) Limited) SWIFT: OCBCCNSH;
  12. Standard Chartered Bank (China) Limited SWIFT: SCBLCNSX;
  13. JPMorgan Chase Bank (China) Company Limited Beijing Branch SWIFT: CHASCN22;
  15. Industrial and Commercial Bank of China SWIFT: ICBKCNBJ;
  16. Shanghai Pudong Development Bank SWIFT: SPDBCNSH;
  17. Bank of Communications SWIFT: COMMCNSH;
  18. China Merchants Bank SWIFT: CMBCCNBS;
  19. Industrial Bank Co., LTD. SWIFT: FJIBCNBA;
  20. Bank of Jiangsu Co LTD SWIFT: BOJSCNBN;
  21. Agricultural Bank of China, The SWIFT: ABOCCNBJ;
  22. China Zheshang Bank SWIFT: ZJCBCN2N;
  23. Zhejiang Rural Commercial United Bank Co., LTD. SWIFT: ZJRCCN2N;
  24. Ningbo Yuyao Rural Commercial Bank Co., LTD. (formerly known as Ningbo Yuyao Rural Cooperative Bank) SWIFT: YYBKCN2N;
  25. Bank of Beijing SWIFT: BJCNCNBJ;
  26. Agricultural Development Bank of China, The SWIFT: ADBNCNBJ;
  27. Bank of Qingdao SWIFT: QCCBCNBQ;
  28. Bank of Shaoxing Co., LTD (formerly Shaoxing City Commercial Bank) SWIFT: SXCBCN2X;
  29. Beijing Rural Commercial Bank SWIFT: BRCBCNBJ;
  30. China Bohai Bank Co., LTD SWIFT: CHBHCNBT;
  31. Xinjiang Bank Co., LTD SWIFT: XINCCNBU;
  32. Zhejiang Yiwu Rural Commercial Bank Co., LTD SWIFT: YWBKCN2X;
  33. Bank Of Taizhou SWIFT: TZBKCNBT;
  34. Bank Of Taiwan. SWIFT: BKTWCN22;
  35. Bank Of Shanghai. SWIFT: BOSHCNSH;
  36. Dongguan Rural Commercial Bank Co.,Ltd. SWIFT: DGCCCN22;
  37. Harbin Bank Co.,Ltd. SWIFT: HCCBCNBH;
  38. Jilin Hunchun Rural Commercial Bank. SWIFT: HCRRCNBH;
  39. Woori Bank (China) Limited. SWIFT: HVBKCNBJ;
  40. Bank Of Hangzhou Co., Ltd. SWIFT: HZCBCN2H;
  41. Industrial Bank of Korea (China) Limited. SWIFT: IBKOCNBT;
  42. Xiamen International Bank Co., Ltd. SWIFT: IBXHCNBA;
  43. Qilu Bank Co., Ltd. SWIFT: JNSHCNBN;
  44. China Minsheng Bank. SWIFT: MSBCCNBJ;
  45. Nanyang Commercial Bank (China), Limited. SWIFT: NYCBCNSH;
  46. Jiangsu Jiangnan Rural Commercial Bank Co., Ltd. (formerly Jiangsu Wujin Rural Bank). SWIFT: RCWJCNSH;
  47. Jiangmen Rural Commercial Bank Company Limited. SWIFT: RCXHCNBJ;
  48. Shinhan Bank (China) Ltd. SWIFT: SHBKCNBJ;
  49. Shenzhen Rural Commercial Bank Corporation Limited. SWIFT: SRCCCNBS;
  50. Jiangsu Yixing Rural Commercial Bank Co., Ltd. SWIFT: URCCCNSH;
  51. Zhongshan Rural Commercial Bank Company Limited. SWIFT: ZSRCCNBB;
  52. Qingdao Rural Commercial Bank. SWIFT: QDRCCNBQ;
  53. Zhejiang Chouzhou Commercial Bank. SWIFT: CZCBCN2X